Lynell Harlow's exploration of the arts of stenciling and embossing began in the mid-1980s. She licensed her first designs to be made into brass stencils in 1991, and a few years later Dreamweaver Stencils was born. Her unique designs, and the tools used to create them, have been featured in magazines, books and on television. Together with her husband Wayne, Lynell has built Dreamweaver Stencils into an internationally recognized craft company with certified instructors around the world. She and her team of talented designers have developed numerous techniques for creating innovative looks on cards, scrapbook pages, and so much more.

We are thrilled at Stampendous to be taking over the reins at Dreamweaver Stencils and continuing to bring you the very best in stenciling and embossing products together with our already exciting product line.

Dreamweaver Stencils are manufactured in China from premium quality stainless steel. Classic designs may sometimes ship in high quality brass while inventory lasts.

To avoid bending a new stencil when removing it from the package, lay it face down on a table and peel the paper insert back while holding the stencil flat.