In order to make the most of your experience using Dreamweaver Stencils, it is essential to be the most informed and educated as possible. We have developed and accumulated products and materials that will help the beginner get started and up to speed and also bring the more experienced crafter new ideas and techniques to enhance their abilities.

Artful Cards: Embossing and Stenciling with Metal Stencils

Now with a new updated gallery. Regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced stencil artist, Artful Cards will help advance your skills to a new level. Readers of all skill levels will appreciate the clear, concise instructions and step-by-step photos to guide them through a variety of exciting projects working with vellum, shrink plastic, background stencils and various types of stenciling color. Includes an inspiring gallery of card samples. (Book 3)

New Dimensions in Cardmaking: Using Embossing Pastes with Metal Stencils

Now with a new updated gallery. This book will open up a world of new and easy techniques for the beginner or accomplished card artist. In this sequel to her popular Artful Cards, Lynell goes beyond stenciling and dry embossing to show how to create cards with amazing color and dimension using her innovative Embossing Pastes. Stampers, stencilers and scrapbookers will learn how to stencil on top of or under Embossing Pastes, create shadow effects, layer designs, use masking techniques and background stencils and create sculpted cards. Clear descriptions, step-by-step photos and an extensive gallery of card designs, make this book an essential addition to any card designer's bookshelf. (Book 4)

Zentangle 6: Terrific Stencils and Cards by Suzanne McNeill

Learn to create fascinating tangles with step-by-step illustrations of this relaxing and rewarding artform that is perfect for all ages. This book contains dozens of fabulous ideas for using stencils with Zentangle. Small stencil designs are "just the right size" for embellishing with patterns. (Zen)

Embossing Paste Techniques DVD

This DVD will take you step-by-step from the simple "hinge technique" to more advanced techniques like "faux cloisonné." Learn how to create multiples of the same card quickly and how to stencil over the paste. Learn how to use the new "paste spreader" and why it is the key to success with large background and "open-cut" stencils. These techniques are shown up close so you can easily see how to achieve the best results. Lynell's steady teaching style will allow you to follow along and do the projects with her as you watch (DVD2).


There are basics when it comes to using metal stencils and then there are more advanced techniques. Join Lynell as she takes you from simple to complex skills with new tips on using the tools of the trade. Learn how to paste emboss, use the new Metallic F/X mica powders, create a plaid design with both paste and spray inks, and more. If you want to be successful with the new embossing machines using paper or metal, follow along with Lynell as she shows you the newest and most innovative techniques (DVD3).

Color Instruction Flyers
These flyers have colorful samples depicted on the front and detailed written instructions on the back. Order these color flyers if you're teaching a class or doing a store demonstration. Your customers want to know the step-by-step process for the latest techniques.

"Faux Cross-Stitch Stenciling" Flyer - Dry embossing, then stenciling with pigment ink through a fiberglass screen gives a look of fine needlework. (ICS)

Faux Cross-Stitch Screens - The cross-stitch flyer is now included in the package of 3 fiberglass screens which are used to make the samples shown on the flyer. (SC)

"Metallic Leafing on Metallic Paste" Flyer (ICL)

"Metallic Leafing on Metallic Paste" Packet - We're selling a packet that includes 9 pieces of cardstock, 41/4" x 51/2"; 3 black, 3 dk. teal, and 3 dk. purple. These papers "bleach" well and are like the samples on the flyer. This packet makes it possible to do the projects on the flyer. (ICBL)

"Collage Techniques Using Metal Stencils" Flyer - Covers using metal stencils to create collage backgrounds with the Memories Mists and also stenciling iridescent pigments on the Matte Black Embossing Paste. (ICM)
"Ink Transfer Technique" Flyer (IITT)
"Stenciling with Mica Powders on Black Paste" Flyer (IMPB)
"Faux Cloisonne Technique" Flyer (IFXC)
"Crackle Paste" Flyer (ICEP)
"Double Glitter" Flyer (IDG)
"Faux Ceramic Tile" Flyer (IFCT)
"Embossing Metal by Machine" Flyer (IEM)
"Molten Magic with F/X" Flyer (IFMM)
"Embossing Powder" Flyer (IEP)
"Embossed Strié" Flyer (IES)
"Letterpress" Flyer (ILP)