Dreamweaver Stencils has their own line of brushes designed specifically for the stenciler by a stenciler.

Large Stencil Brushes
These larger stencil brushes are used for wide open cut stencils, the new strié technique, and for base coat stenciling using only one color. They have a short, compact handle and are available in 3/4" (NHB 3/4), 1/2" (NHB 1/2), and 3/8" (NHB 3/8) sizes.

They are also available as a set of 3 with one of each size. (NHBS)

Classic Stencil Brushes
These classic stencil brushes are available in 1/8" and 1/4" sizes. You will use the 1/4" brush (GHB) the most but the 1/8" (BHB) is great for shading in tight areas.

Large Dauber for Ceramic Tile (KD01)

Jumbo Dauber (KD02)