There are always items that defy categorization but that doesn't make them any less important. Here are some tools and accessories that are helpful, if not essential, to the stenciling creative process.

Dreamweaver Palette Knife (DPK)
Dreamweaver Wider Palette Knife (WDPK)

Embossing Tool - double ended (ET),
Embossing Tool - double ended large (ETLG)

Embossing Powders - Clear Embossing Powder (EB05), Suze's Ultrathick Embossing Enamel: 12 oz. (EB06), Ultrathick Embossing Enamel Small: 4 oz. (EB08)

Glue Pad (GSP), Refill for Glue Pad (GSPR)

Removable Tape (RMT)

Light Table: 10"x12" (LT-3)

3 Screens for Cross-Stitch, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (SC), includes color instruction sheet - "Faux Cross-Stitch Stenciling"

Dreamweaver Handmade Hawaiian Soap (DHHS)

Grab It -- long-handled cotton swab dipped in beeswax (RGGI)

Rubber embossing mat for use with embossing machines (REM)

3" Embellishment Pins Packs

TIPP - Pink
TIPI - Ivory
TIPW - White
TIPG - Green
TIPL - Gold
TIPM - Mix (pictured)

LM2010 Paste Spreader